Mind, Body and Spiritual healing in peace and harmony.
At Yogmandala we offer a wide range of therapies for your wellbeing.
You will feel revitalised restored and relaxed when you come to Yogmandala.

Therapies available with Dr Kamaraj 

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When making a booking, please tell the therapist about any health conditions and medication you are taking. On the day of your treatment, our team will ask you to complete a health questionnaire to ensure we are providing you the very best service and results, while assuring your comfort and safety. Please note that for certain medical conditions we will require written permission from your doctor to proceed.

Therapy prices

please contact us to find out availability and how to book

First 3 months Sept- Nov 


  • £60 60mins
  • £75 90mins


  • £45 

Community acupuncture

  • £10 

From December 


  • £75 60mins
  • £90 90mins


  • £60 

Community acupuncture

  • £15

Special package 

1 year membership


To include a consultation with Dr Kamaraj to discuss plan and 10 therapies- 

Therapies may include the following - Indian Yoga Massage 

Ayurveda treatments, Acupuncture and Reiki, 

Month detox plan

Opening offer - £495, 

thereafter £600

Consultation with Dr K

3 classes per week with Dr K

3hrs of therapies which may include the following Indian yoga massage, Ayurveda treatments Acupuncture, Reflexology Reiki, 


Would you like hire our space?

 We have beautiful treatment rooms available for you to use.
Holistic therapies, counselling, personal development

For more information about hire times and pricing please get in touch -